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Our Music by Rare Pop Records

Atypical Creativity


About Us

We merge uncommon sounds with pop style and borrow trendy concepts for use in unconventional and underground genres. Rare Pop Records works with hip-hop, classical, pop, electronic, and alternative genres. Rare Pop Records makes pop and hip hop albums and composes original music for film, TV, video games, radio, and internet. We arrange and produce music and record, edit, mix, and master audio.


How We Work

Rare Pop Records was founded in Seattle in 2009. We have team members and clients from other countries, so we end up communicating via Skype, Huddle, and Dropbox. Because we communicate that way, our tools are varied. We work closely together to get a polished sound.



We use Pro Tools LE 10, Logic 9, Komplete 7, Reason, Various samples East West’s Storm Drum, Orchestra Gold, and Ministry of Rock, Alicia’s Keys, Ivory Piano Samples, Digi Design Complete Production Toolkit, Digi 003, Tannoy Reveal Monitors, 6 Condenser Microphones, Roland F-90 keyboard, various keyboards, electric and acoustic Guitars, and a baby grand piano.

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